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Kesineni has a long and interesting history spanning over nearly 80 years. Kesineni's roots can be traced back to 1928 when its mentor Kesineni Venkaiah, supposedly one of the first bus operators in the country, started plying buses with coal engines in the British regime.

 But the company as we know it today came into existence only in the year 1992, when Kesineni Srinivas (popularly known as Kesineni Nani) established it as Kesineni Tours and Travels. In the 18 years that followed, Kesineni has grown into the largest provider of intercity bus transportation, serving more than 100 destinations daily, across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Goa. Under the able leadership of Kesineni Srinivas who has been well-mentored by his grandfather Kesineni Venkaiah, the company has become an icon providing Safe, Enjoyable and Affordable Luxury Travel to approximately 15 lakh people each year. Kesineni is one of the most recognized and reputated brands in South India. Kesineni had the privilege of becoming the first company across the country to launch a web based ticketing and reservation system in the bus segment on 07.07.07 at 7 hours, 7 minutes and 7 seconds. Kesineni's 24/7 state of the art helpline unceasingly takes care of the passenger requirements and is the only helpline in the country that is owned and operated by a bus operator. Kesineni is known for its regularity, on time performance, unmatched customer care, world class facilities and finest travel experience to it passengers.

Kesineni Cargo Carriers was started in 1996 as an associate of Kesineni Tours and Travels Kesineni Cargo is a premium cargo, an integrated transportation and logistics company having the most expansive network in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Goa. In pursuit of sustainable leadership in quality services, Kesineni has evolved an infrastructure that is very unique today. Kesineni has developed a best of the breed web based technology for booking, tracking, tracing, space control and delivery of cargo. Kesineni operates mostly on a point to point basis to enable earliest deliveries. All the cargo bookings and deliveries are done through Kesineni's own branch network and transported through Kesineni's own fleet of containers, to ensure daily dispatch of cargo, safe and reliable transportation and on time delivery.

Kesineni's ;vision is to establish continuing excellence in delivery capabilities focused on the individual customer by providing world class integrated logistics solutions.

Kesineni's mission is to 'provide best value' in logistics to individuals and organizations by having an extensive Pan Indian network, with 'innovative use of technology, and 'responsive man power'.

Indeed we are
"Driven by Dedication"