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Often we need to send items to people living in different parts of the country. Here, one of our prime concerns is to ensure 0% damage to the shipment. There are many parameters involved in safe delivery like proper packing, safe handling and transportation. To make sure the items reach in a safe and sound condition to their destination, there are some basic steps that can be followed.

1. Use bubble wrap

The power of bubble wraps is very underestimated. Use a bubble wrap while packing your shipment to hold at a fixed position. Cargo trucks sometimes will have to travel through rough roads, which may lead to wiggling of your item. If your package contains fragile, glass materials, an improperly packed box will put their safety at risk.

2. Segregate your items

Many people do not understand the damage that can be caused by hard items. If not breaking themselves, their shaking process could lead to damage of other items being shipped. This makes it necessary that, if you have more than one type of items in your shipment, you divide the package properly.

3. Consult a professional for packaging

Sometimes we won't be able to pack the goods perfectly at home! Good packing has some requirements that need to be fulfilled. When consignments are packed at home, the tape is often not worked properly. The items inside the box are not held at their places. These items could joggle and damage each other!

4. Choose Kesineni for your Cargo!

At Kesineni, we have manpower who understand the requirements of safely shipping the consignments. There are personals whose experience have made them masters in the shipment process of specific types of products. For instance, we have men who adept in the transfer of fragile items, medical equipment, mechanical parts and so on.

We have full truck load, and part truck load deliveries that take care of complete segregation and safe transportation of your goods.