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1. I need to send a cargo. Where should I book the parcel?

You need to book your Cargo, in any of our offices or with our agents. The addresses and the telephone numbers are available in the "Contact us" section.

2. I have received a parcel. Where should I receive or collect the same?

Ans: While booking your parcel, you need to compulsorily decide the destination branch or agent. Your parcel will be available only in that branch/agent. You need to please collect your Parcel, from that office/agent, to whom the parcel has been sent.

3. Can I book my Cargo in your web site Online, sitting at my office?

As of now, in India, this system of booking cargo is not an accepted practice. However, we are totally geared up with technology, to launch it in future, as and when the market is ready to accept.

4. I have already booked a parcel. How can I know the status of the parcel?

You need to use the "Track your shipment" feature at the right hand top corner of our Home page, along with your LR number.

5. Can I book a parcel without paying the charges immediately and ask my receiver to pay?

Yes. This system of Cargo Booking is called as "To Pay" bookings. The LR charges shall be paid by the receiver.

6. We are a large company. We have daily parcels to various destinations. Do you provide any special services to us?

Yes. We are keen to provide "On Account" Customer status to you, with some additional privileges, depending upon your specifications and requirements. You need to mail to, with all details, or contact our help line numbers.

7. What all documents do we need to book a parcel?

You need the Invoice/Bill copy of the goods you are sending. In case of personal goods, you need a letter declaring the purpose of sending & that it is your personal goods and has no commercial value.

8. What all documents we need to receive a parcel?

If it is a personal cargo {Receiver name is a person}, you {the Receiver} needs to bring the LR copy. If by any chance you do not have the LR copy, then you need:

  • To know the LR number
  • To show the sms received if any
  • To show statute Identity proof of the receiver like Passport, Pan card, Voter Id, Driving Licence etc..

 If the Cargo is on the company name {Receiver is a firm/Company}, you need:

  • To bring the LR copy OR To Know the LR number
  • To show the sms received if any
  • To bring the Firm/Company authorized seal
  • To show an Authorisation letter from your company, authorizing you to take delivery of the cargo.
9. When does my parcel leave the city?

The same day you booked your Cargo. This is our specialty. By the end of the day, all parcels will leave to their destinations. They will never wait for the cargo truck to get fully loaded.

10. Whom should I contact for any further queries or complaints?

You need to mail to, with all details, or contact our help line numbers.

11. What are the approximate freight charges for my parcel?

Please use the feature "Check Destination & Freights", in our Home page. It will give you the approximate freight charges subject to our terms and conditions. The exact rate can be known only when you visit our office/agent along with your cargo.

12. What are the terms and conditions I need to agree, before sending the parcel?

Please refer to the "Terms & Conditions" page in our web site. You need to agree and confirm by signing on the LR.

13. What is the approximate time it takes for my cargo to reach the destination?

Your parcel will be designed to leave the same day to the destination. Wherever there is direct route, your cargo will probably reach the next day. Wherever, the cargo has to travel via transshipment, details need to be asked at our Branch offices.

14. Can I send a parcel to the destination of my choice?

You Can!! Provided we have an office or agent at that destination. You cam please cross check the same in "Check Destination & Freights", in our Home page.

15. Do you provide packing of the parcel?

The cargo needs to be well packed by the customer, to bear the rough terrains of the route. Kesineni shall never be responsible for any damages caused due to improper packing. It is the Customer’s responsibility of packing the cargo in the necessary method.

16. Are there any types of parcels which are banned for Cargo in your company?

All Explosives, fuels, gas containers, crackers, inflammable items & any other contraband articles as per the statutory provisions are banned to be carried as Cargo.